5 tips on how to write a great cv

How to make your cv stand out

5 tips on how to write a great cv

When you’re applying for your dream job, chances are your cv will be stacked on a pile. That’s why it’s important that your cv stands out.
Especially in a market where there are more candidates than jobs. According to a study performed by the online vacancy research bureau The Ladders in 2018, a HR Manager or Recruiter spends 7,5 seconds on a cv on average. Based on their first impression they will decide whether your cv is worthwhile reading further. So to state the obvious, it is very important to make a good first impression.

Here's a few tips on how to make your cv stand out.

1. Make sure your cv is easy to read

The Hiring Manager should be able to scan your cv without putting in any effort. If it’s hard to find the right information or if they feel like they’ve been presented with an essay, they won’t want to read on.

  • Write your headings in bold, so it’s easy for the reader to find the information they are looking for.
  • Use a clear font.
  • Make sure there is enough white space.
  • Use bullet points or indents to divide paragraphs.
  • Try to stick to a single page.
2. Use the available space wisely

You don’t have enough space to explain every aspect of your previous job descriptions. Focus on the highlights and leave out insignificant details.

  • Save some space for your soft- and hard skills.
  • Write a short biography which shows your personality and which will help the Hiring Manager decide whether you are a good cultural fit for their company.
3. Tailor to size

Make sure to alter your cv for every vacancy. Read the application carefully and adapt your cv to fit the role.

  • Highlight previous responsibilities that fit with the job description.
  • Mention relevant measurable results that show what you could achieve if you were to be hired.
  • List the skills that you have that make you the ideal candidate for the job.
4. Proofread

Proofread! We cannot state enough how important this is. Grammar mistakes never look good and they are so easy to fix. Use a spell checker tool (we really like Grammarly) and ask a friend to proofread your cv.

5. Choose the right format

Your cv should be easy to open on any type of device and still look good. So make sure you choose the right format to send your cv. A PDF is the safest choice and will allow your cv to be opened by anyone while also mantaining your layout.