6 Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

6 questions to ask your interviewer

6 Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

It isn’t just the interviewer who is allowed to ask questions during an interview. By asking questions as a candidate as well you can show that you prepared for the interview and that you are genuinely interested in the job. On the other hand it will also help you to determine if this job is the right fit for you. After all, every interview is a two way street.

Which questions should you ask during an interview?

Read our top 6 questions to ask your interviewer.

"What does an average day in this job look like?"

By asking for examples of what your working day would look like, you get a very good impression of the job description. That way it will be easier for you to determine whether it fits your interests and qualifications.

"What is the company culture like?"

Both you and your potential employer would probably like for you to stick around for a while. Chances are you will stay with the company longer if you actually enjoy being in the office. Everyone has different preferences regarding company cultures. Decide for yourself where you are most productive and what kind of environment you prefer to work in. Also be prepared for a question about your ideal company culture.

"How do you measure if someone is successful in this role?"

You want to succeed and they want to be able to rely on you. By getting a clear view upfront of what the expectations are, you will know whether you will be able to meet them. It will show the Recruiter that you are motivated, organized and that you will get the job done.

"Do you expect this role to change in the future?"

When you apply for a job with a company that’s expanding or changing direction, this could have serious consequences for your job description. It might mean you will get promoted quite soon or that you will be given other tasks than what you originally signed up for. Asking about the future of the business shows that you are thinking long term, that you are aware that the company will evolve and that you are planning to be a part of it. Loyal employees are very valuable, so don’t hesitate to share your commitment. 

"What would my next step with the company look like?"

If you are ambitious, don’t be afraid to show it! Of course you cannot expect to move up the ladder straight away and you don’t want to give the impression that you feel too good for this job already. However you do want to show that you have ambition. This question will show the hiring manager just that, and who doens’t want a highly motivated employee?

"Can you describe the ideal candidate?"

This question will probably already have been answered a bit in the job description, so make sure you know what it says. However you can still ask this question, to make sure you are aware what the Hiring Manager is looking for. After all the job description could have been written by someone else, or some details might have been left out. When qualities or skills are pointed out that you possess, reply by giving examples that show that you are in fact the ideal candidate and the person they have been looking for. This is your chance to seal the deal!