Five years of Four Life Sciences

Five years of Four Life Sciences

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Four Life Sciences. The company was founded on the 1st of february 2016, and is the fourth brand within the Ambitious People Group.
Becoming an international agency

Jeffrey Tewelde started Four Life Sciences and helped to build it up to where it stands today: From a small brand with one office in Rotterdam, to an international agency with 5 offices spread around The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Focus on fast international growth

In the upcoming years we will focus on fast international growth and on the expansion of our current offices. We are already growing fast and hiring new colleagues continuously. 

What keeps us on our toes the most?
The competitive atmosphere between the recruitment consultants. Their eagerness to achieve success means that they are pushing themselves to reach their goals every day. 
As Sales Director Jeffrey said: “Success is not an accident, but extremely hard work. If you want something you need to go get it, period.”