What is the benefit of 360° recruitment?

What Is The Benefit Of 360° Recruitment?

What is the benefit of 360° recruitment?

360° recruitment is also known as life cycle, full cycle and end-to-end recruitment. But what makes it so successful, and what’s the difference with 180° recruitment?
We’ve put together the main characteristics and advantages for you.
180° versus 360°

Simply put, 360° recruitment looks at both the candidate and client side of the hiring process, while these responsibilties are divided over two employees in 180° recruitment.


In 180° recruitment the process to find the right candidate for a job is split up in two parts. The Recruiters are responsible for candidate sourcing and the Account Managers are in charge of business development.

The Recruiters source candidates and then it’s up to the Account Managers to propose them for a vacancy. While the Account Manager can focus on the ‘sale’ it’s up to their counterparts to coach the candidates through the process. Since they aren’t involved in the business development and aren’t in touch with the clients they usually don’t have a specific field of expertise. That’s why this is an easy way for recruiters to start their career.


Meanwhile 360° recruitment manages the entire journey, from sourcing to placement. That means that the Recruiter sources candidates as well as vacancies and builds relationships with both the clients and the candidates. Since they are the only one managing the process, it’s clear who is accountable and they can work fast. Basically the Recruiter operates as a kind of broker, who’s job it is to find the best fit between companies and candidates.

These agents know their market and usually have their own field of expertise. They can even propose a candidate for a vacancy that doesn’t exist yet, because they understand the needs of their clients and know what’s happening in the industry.

Summed up, this is why we prefer 360° recruitment
  • Since the recruiter is in contact with both the clients and the companies, there is a small chance of miscommunications.
  • This method can save a lot of time. If a new vacancy opens up, the ideal candidate might already be a part of your talent pool. And when a new candidate starts to look for a job, you might just have a fitting vacancy at hand.
  • 360° recruiters are often specialists in a certain field, which means they understand the requirements and skills that are part of the vacancy. We’ve learned that hiring managers prefer to speak to a specialist, because it saves them time and increases the efficiency of the partnership.
  • The fact that the recruiters are experts in their own area’s also means that they understand the needs of the candidates and clients. This increases the chances of a succesful match on the long term.